More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Games Lift 2023: These are the five teams

For 2023, five great teams of Hamburg game developers impressed the awarding committee of the Games Lift Incubator with their exciting projects.

The five winning teams of Games Lift Incubator 2023

By qualifying for this funding program, which is unique in Germany, the teams benefit from one year of support including a workshop and mentoring program with international industry experts and 15,000 euros in financial funding, as well as workplaces in a Hamburg office for collaboration and exchange with the other participating teams. More than 30 experts in game design, product development, pitching, business development, press relations and marketing from the Games Lift Network share their experience with the teams to give the games projects a professional start into the industry.

A total of 24 teams and solo developers from Hamburg applied for the fourth Games Lift Incubator. The award committee chose the five participating teams after the exciting pitch presentations of all participating teams and their projects.

The five projects and teams in the Games Lift Incubator 2023:

  • Chaos Royale by Monodot  

  • Dottobeau by Dottobeau   

  • Journey Beyond the Edge of the World by Markus Koepke  

  • Map Map – A Game about Maps by Kopfkino Games  

  • We the Valarii by Bagpack Games 

Chaos Royale by Monodot will be a free-to-play Battle Royale game with shooting mechanics and obscure characters. Different weapon combinations and an improvement of one's own shooting power turn the matches for 16 to 32 players into fast-paced firefights. 

The team behind Dottobeau came together at HAW Hamburg to develop a classic point-and-click adventure game in which players solve tricky puzzles by changing the overall atmosphere. The more puzzles’ players solve, the more items they can collect to influence the plot and move on to the next chapter of the insightful story. 

Journey Beyond the Edge of the World by Markus Koepke is a musical first-person adventure game whose story is told through five atmospheric pieces of music. The plot, which spans three time levels, centers around a mysterious abandoned fishing boat whose history needs to be investigated. The game world in the nostalgic low-poly look holds a lot of tricky puzzles. 

Map Map - A Game about Maps by Kopfkino Games is a cozy exploration game with puzzle elements, where the atmosphere of a relaxed hike meets typical landscape puzzles á la GeoGuessing. The unique mapping mechanics allow players to interact with the atmospheric game world and its many elements in a completely new way. 

We the Valarii from Bagpack Games is an entertaining couch co-op racer with a literal spin, as the unique motion physics are created via rotation of mouse or stick. The focus is not on competition, but on overcoming obstacles and completing boss battles together. 

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Games Lift: Meet you at the top

For its 2023 edition, the Games Lift Incubator launches with a new space, new concepts, five brand-new teams - and with years of experience.

Games Lift Kick-Off 2023 in New SPACE Innovation Rooms

On Monday, September 11, 2023, the official kick-off of the Games Lift Incubator 2023 took place in the new SPACE innovation space of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft.

Road to Polaris - Gamecity Hamburg brings 5 indie games to the convention

From October 13 to 15, Polaris, Hamburg's new community convention dedicated to gaming, anime, manga, and Asian pop culture, will open its doors for the second time.

Recap: gamescom 2023

gamescom 2023 was a blast once again – we met some people we rarely see throughout the year otherwise, made new connections and, most importantly, enabled five studios from Hamburg to present their games at the shared Gamecity Hamburg Booth at the Indie Arena Booth.

Hamburg: The Right Place for Your Next Career Level

Hamburg is home to a vast and growing games industry landscape, with over 200 games companies and roughly 2,450 people working in the games sector. Let’s introduce you to the vast amount of companies, educational programs and resources for reaching your next career level.

How to: Make the most of gamescom 2023

For some new members of the industry gamescom 2023 might be their very first visit at the biggest German gaming convention and one of the most important games events worldwide, while others might appreciate a quick refresher on what's going on at gamescom. It's big, it's crazy and it's a lot of fun! Let's take a look at how you can make the most of it as a business visitor.

Road to Polaris 2023 - Apply until August 28

The community convention Polaris takes place on October 13-15 with a three-day program including gaming, e-sports, anime and manga, cosplay, and content creation. Gamecity Hamburg provides free booth packages for Hamburg-based developers, teams, and studios. This way you can present your games, prototypes and demos to the audience and collect direct feedback from your target groups. Applications are open until August 28!

InnoGames Forge of Empires generates one billion euros in lifetime revenues

In 2012, the Hamburg-based developer studio InnoGames launched their strategy hit Forge of Empires, which is still enjoying huge popularity more than 11 years after release. Now, Forge of Empires has surpassed one billion euros in sales. A huge milestone for InnoGames, which shows that successful games can generate significant profits even after years.

Three Questions to: Tiny Roar on their partnership with AONIC

Tiny Roar has become a small institution here in Hamburg since its founding in 2015, both with their original titles, such as their current project "Wanderful" and through collaboration with other studios. This week they announced their partnership with the Swedish investor AONIC, who is now the majority shareholder of Tiny Roar. We took this opportunity to speak to one of the two founders, Maurice Hagelstein, about what this news means for the studio and its future.

Bigpoint celebrates 20 years anniversary

With titles like Farmerama, Seafight and DarkOrbit Reloaded, Bigpoint has been a leading player in the games industry in Hamburg and beyond and is celebrating more than 20 years anniversary! We took this amazing opportunity to talk with Managing Director Michelle Zou about the company and future developments.

Neurodactics releases math learning app Mambio

2021 the Hamburg math learning app Mambio by neurodactics GmbH was supported with 39,273€ with Gamecity Hamburg's prototype funding and 1,172 360€ from the BMWK and has now successfully celebrated its final app release on June 26.

Gamecity Hamburg and Hamburg game studios at gamescom 2023

Gamecity Hamburg brings five indie studios to the next gamescom 2023 from August 23 to 27. Find out more about the indie teams at gamescom 2023 and our Road to Program.

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